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Venezuelan Troupial Stamp


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  Click HERE for photos of Venezuela.
(There is no special order, but usually the NEWEST ADDED pictures are at the END)
Some pictures have added links to see the locations by GOOGLE EARTH.

  Enjoy HERE very rare pictures of an almost unknown tiny Venezuelan island, called
"Isla Aves" or "Aves Island".  

  HERE are some impressions of the archipelago "Aves de Sotavento" .

Los Roques

  HERE you get to  "Los Roques" archipelago.

HERE a huge collection of pictures of "Gran Sabana and the table mountain RORAIMA" .    (April 2010)


HERE are a few pictures of "Macuro, at the end of Venezuela" .    (April 2012)
  HERE  are a few panoramas of Caracas.

HERE  a Quicktime panorama of Caracas.


  HERE you see metallic "dragonflies" over Venezuela.

(I love choppers ....)


  HERE some fireworks .....

  HERE you are witness of the sad end of 2 trees .....